The Enzyme Song and Chris Hadfield

io Apologies for the singing… Enzymes keep YOU alive, so I wrote a song about them. The Enzyme Song also celebrates the release of Chris Hadfield’s new album (the first music to be professionally recorded off planet Earth). #enzymeappreciationsociety Advertisements


Wanna see something cool? A curiosity video introducing the levitation of superconductors by flux pinning. The superconductor was cooled using liquid nitrogen. Special thanks to Sydney Uni and Tom Gordon!

Will our sun run out of energy??

(Celestial evolution) A yourcuriosityhub video explaining if the Sun will ever run out of energy. This video also gives a brief overview of the stellar evolution relevant to our star.

How do plants see the Sun?

HOW DO THEY KNOW WHICH WAY TO GROW??? A yourcuriosityhub video explaining how the hormone Auxin is responsible for plants growing towards sunlight.

Why Our Energy is Falling Behind

Dear Australian Government… This video is all about Australia’s electricity generation and why we are falling behind, as the rest of world moves rapidly to more renewable forms of electricity generation.

Phases of the Moon

WHY DO WE ONLY SEE ONE SIDE OF THE MOON? This video explains what is responsible for the Moon’s phases, as well as why we only ever see one side of it…

Whoosh (FIRE) Bottle!

WATER COOLER + ALCOHOL + FIRE This video illustrates the flammable nature of alcohol vapour, force of combustion, products after combustion and the force of the atmosphere! This experiment is done by volatilizing Isopropyl alcohol and then igniting the vapours. Sealing the bottle after combustion results in a lower pressure inside and the atmosphere will…

Power of the Atmosphere Crushes

HOW POWERFUL IS THE ATMOSPHERE ABOVE YOUR HEAD?? This video conveys the mighty power of the atmosphere as it implodes steel drums! This experiment is done just by condensing steam, which reduces the pressure inside the drum significantly. The atmosphere (higher pressure than within the drum) then crushes the drums dramatically.