“halve their risk of dying” Cancer and Exercise

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO – Exciting research presented by ABC’s Catalyst Prof Robert Newton “We now have a growing number of research studies showing that if people hit a certain level of physical activity – which is relatively modest, to be honest – then they’ll more than double their chances of surviving their cancer. In other words,…

Antimicrobial Resistance

Are YOU going to die by 2050? Sustaining your health requires a lot of good bacteria…but some strains may end up killing you. In 1928 Alexander Flemming (with the help of a mouldy rock melon) discovered the first antibiotics, drugs that destroyed bacteria. This was a revolution as at the time people were dying from…

The Enzyme Song and Chris Hadfield

io Apologies for the singing… Enzymes keep YOU alive, so I wrote a song about them. The Enzyme Song also celebrates the release of Chris Hadfield’s new album (the first music to be professionally recorded off planet Earth). #enzymeappreciationsociety

How do plants see the Sun?

HOW DO THEY KNOW WHICH WAY TO GROW??? A yourcuriosityhub video explaining how the hormone Auxin is responsible for plants growing towards sunlight.